4 Best Ways to Organize and Store Batteries


Most people store batteries, but preppers tend to store a lot of batteries. In this article I’m going to cover a few of the best ways to store and organize batteries. There are few low-cost organizing products that you can buy to help.

by Morgan Rogue, contributing writer

Selecting Batteries and Battery Shelf-Life

Even though some manufacturers claim that their batteries can last 10 years, that’s usually not the case, not even for lithium. It heavily depends on how they’re stored, but even then, 10 years is a bit of a stretch for most batteries. Make sure you rotate the batteries you buy, using the oldest first. This, of course, is made easier if you storing them in an organized manner.

Brand may play a role in how long batteries last. Everyone has their own favorite brand, though some say that even off-brands like Dollar Store batteries have a great shelf life and work just fine. The brand of battery really comes down to personal preference. I use Amazon Basics batteries because the price to quality ratio seems pretty good.

The type of batteries that you store will have an effect on how long they’ll last, but even so, every battery has a shelf life. Though there is a battery that was built in 1825 that’s still going strong as of 2016.

Battery Storage 101

When thinking about storing batteries, the first thing we need to come to terms with is the type of batteries we’re going to store. It’s unrealistic to want to store every single type of battery out there. But instead, you might choose to store just AAA and AA. Then you’d buy items that only take AA and AAA. You are then building a common system making storage and management of your critical items much easier.

Another thing to keep in mind would be disposable versus rechargeable. I recommend people store some of both. Storing the actual batteries themselves may be a case of disposable and then another case of rechargeable. When the disposable batteries run out, you’ll have the rechargeable which can easily be charged via something like the Sunjack Portable Solar Panel.

A few key points on battery storage:

  • Cool, dry place. In general, batteries need to be stored in a cool, dry place. If they’re stored in your bug out bag, make sure you bag remains in a temperature controlled environment, or be ready to switch out batteries every 3-6 months as they go bad.
  • Outside the device. Keep batteries outside of the device. Only keep batteries inside of a device that is consistently being used. Don’t store batteries inside of an unused device, as they will corrode. You may be able to save the device, but not the batteries. Plus, cleaning the device takes time and resources that can be avoided by simply not storing batteries in an unused device.
  • Not in the original box. One thing is for certain: don’t store your batteries in their original boxes. Not only are they not the best storage method, but you can get a lot better organized by having your batteries generally all in the same case.

4 Best Battery Storage Devices

You can find your own way of storing batteries that do not require buying any specific type of storage device. This will save you some money. For example, some might just opt to put their batteries in plastic bags, write the purchase date on the bag, and set them in a container.

This works, but if you do this you are missing out on a key feature many of the better battery cases have – a battery tester! For me, I prefer a designated device made specifically for the job. Following are 4 choices I recommend.

#1 – COMECASE Hard Battery Storage Box

soft battery casesoft battery case

The COMECASE battery case comes in different sizes and is a great way to store batteries. Some even come with a battery tester (as shown in the pic) to see if your batteries are still functional. Bonus!

#2 – Battery Organizer Storage Case

big plastic battery casebig plastic battery case

The Battery Organizer Storage Cases are extremely sturdy. They’ll keep your batteries well organized, you can see inside without having to open the case and the majority of them come with a battery tester. Great for home organization.

#3 – Basic Battery Storage Box

61Q6WLhELzL. AC SX67961Q6WLhELzL. AC SX679

You could go the simple route by placing them all inside a basic batter storage box. This is a great case for very simple storage. There’s a variety of these cases for different types of batteries, as well as how many you want to store. This makes organization for tight spaces very easy.

#4 – Storacell Battery Caddy

61HL9HH9QL. AC SX67961HL9HH9QL. AC SX679

No doubt, the Storacell Battery Caddy is a great way to store and organize batteries. They’re secure and this is a lightweight, packable and slim way to store batteries. They have a variety of sizes to fit different types of batteries, as well as quantity.

Take Care of Your Gear

Batteries aren’t exactly cheap, but if you store them properly, they will generally last longer. Not to mention, having all of your batteries stored together will make it a lot more convenient to access them when you really need them. Organization and proper storage, like with all of your preps, are keys to preserving what you buy.

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