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Morse code phone apps featureMorse code phone apps feature

Learning Morse code can seem like a daunting hurdle for the aspiring ham. You can do a crash course in ham radio, but what about Morse code? How can you learn Morse code easily? By using Morse code phone apps!

Whether you are a prepper, a ham radio operator, or just curious about Morse, there are plenty of reasons why you should learn Morse code.

X Apps to Learn Morse Code

Morse code might seem like a different language, and in some ways it is, but that doesn’t mean you have to conduct hours of intense concentration staring at a textbook. There are a number of great apps out there that can assist you with learning Morse that are well worth your time. Let’s take a look at a couple of them…

Morse Mania

Morse maniaMorse mania

This was my bread and butter when it came to learning Morse. It’s quite simply the best training device that I know of, and it’s available at both Google Play and the Apple Store.

Staring at a page full of dits and dahs and attempting to memorize everything just wasn’t working for me, and I really don’t think that it would work well for anyone. To become fluent in a new language, you have to hear the language as well – it can’t just be book knowledge. Morse code is no different. You are learning to speak and hear with a different alphabet, and to do such you need auditory practice.

Morse Mania describes itself as:

… a fun educational game that helps you master the Morse code while advancing through a number of exciting levels, teaching several new letters at a time.

Morse Mania provides that. You get 20 levels for free, which will teach you the entire alphabet. If you want to get into learning numbers, punctuation, and Q codes, then you have to make an in-app purchase. This can come in the form of a monthly membership or a one-time fee of $2.99. I opted for the one-time fee.

I’ve searched around quite a bit within the app store, and I’ve yet to find anything that comes close to being able to compare with Morse Mania in teaching people the code. I highly recommend this as your starting point in learning.

Morse Code

morse code appmorse code app

This is more of a flashcard type app to help you to study. It’s available on Google Play only. Various letters and numbers will flash up on the screen – sometimes in Morse, sometimes not – and then you have to properly translate them.

The app mainly relies on in-app purchases (which is annoying) to get the full benefit, but you can at least go through the ‘beginner’ level for free. The intermediate and advanced levels allow you to practice translating complete sentences and more, but it comes at a cost. So, while this isn’t the best Morse code app out there, it can help you with the fundamentals when first starting out.


Morse appMorse app

This app mainly helps you with the visual aspect of seeing how your sentences will lay out in Morse code. It’s a translating software, basically, and only on Google Play. With it, I can type out a sentence or paragraph, and then see how it translates into Morse.

I consider this app more of an ancillary means of improving your Morse than I actually do as a teaching tool. Nevertheless, it has its purpose, and may be something that you want to look into.

Morse Typer – Telegram Key

morse typermorse typer

This one seems rather goofy at first glance, but I really like it. The app is nothing more than a digital telegraph key that you get to practice with. That doesn’t sound like much initially, but it’s helped me out a great deal in figuring out the tempo of tapping out a message.

A telegraph key costs somewhere in the ballpark of $65, and if you’re just learning you are likely wary of spending that much money on something you’re not entirely sure of. The Morse Typer app can help you to figure things out and make you more informed on what direction you would like to go.

The cool thing about this app is that after you type out your message you can then go back and read what it was that you actually typed. Oftentimes you’ll find that what you transmitted isn’t anywhere near what you thought you were actually typing out. This kind of feedback will help you to become more accurate in your Morse code abilities, as well as help you figure out the proper tempo for transmitting an accurate message.

Morse Code Books

You can supplement whatever Morse code phone apps you download with a few books on the subject. Sometimes learning via different methods can better cement the knowledge in our head. Here are some suggested titles:

Have you learned Morse code? Have you used any phone apps to do it? Share your tips in the comments section.

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