A Medicinal Garden Kit For Starting A Small Backyard Pharmacy


For a very long time I’ve been looking for a seed kit to start a small medicinal garden in my backyard. I’m no spring chicken anymore and as health problems start to creep up, I knew some old-fashioned natural remedies could help.

The problem was I never have the time or that much energy to go out foraging for the plants needed to make them.

So, I decided to grow my own, on a small plot, no bigger than 10 by 3 feet in total.

The problem with most of the seed kits I found online was they either didn’t have the right plants or they took up a lot more space than I had available. I was looking for something more complete that I could use not just for one condition, like a headache or an upset stomach but for everything I needed.

This one, was just right and I very much liked that is made by an experienced herbalist Dr. Nicole Apelian. It’s true that it’s a little bit more expensive but still compared with the money we pay on pills, it’s nothing. When I go buy one drug and pay $70 or even $80 dollars I usually don’t think twice. You can probably relate…and that’s just to treat a single condition!

A Medicinal Garden Kit For Starting A Small Backyard PharmacyThis kit contains over 1625 NON-GMO seeds to grow 10 plants that cover a senior like me for almost every medical need: painkiller, stop bleeding, sleeping aid, stomach relief, allergies, rheumatism, anti-inflammatory, prostate and bladder, anti-viral and immunity booster and of course a blood sugar controller for diabetes.

I also believe it’s equally important that all these seeds are US grown.

What that tells me is that the plants they make will be much better adapted to the soil and the climate in my own backyard. And the one in yours too!

A while back I made the mistake of buying one of those popular seeds kits off Amazon only to find out every seed was coming from China. Needless to say, the results were terribly disappointing.

A Medicinal Garden Kit For Starting A Small Backyard PharmacyWhen my medicinal garden kit arrived a few short days after ordering it I was like a kid on Christmas morning.

I could not wait to open the package. Here’s what it looked like once I opened it and laid everything out.

The first thing I noticed was that every seed pack came with specific planting instructions on it. So I would not have to search online for the instructions. Phew!

What caught my eye next was the medicinal guide included.

A Medicinal Garden Kit For Starting A Small Backyard PharmacyAs the weather was fine outside, I grabbed a shovel, took with me the Medicinal Garden Kit, and headed into the backyard to start planting my own natural pharmacy.

A Medicinal Garden Kit For Starting A Small Backyard PharmacySo, here’s what the seeds look like after some time in the ground, water and plenty of sunlight.

A Medicinal Garden Kit For Starting A Small Backyard Pharmacy

Most of them germinated into a medicinal plant that would offer me and my family relief. Even the tree had taken hold. I started using it to manage my blood sugar.

A Medicinal Garden Kit For Starting A Small Backyard PharmacyI was actually surprised at how good my new medicinal plants looked. Here’s a closer look:

Before long I began to harvest the plants… making sure I don’t take too much and upset the natural balance.

The first in line was Chamomile. I’m making a tea out of it now, that not only helps me sleep like a baby but also plays a part in managing my blood sugar. The spikes have really been reduced after I started to drink it every day.

But there is another plant in the garden that helps with that even more, which I’ll let you discover on your own

A Medicinal Garden Kit For Starting A Small Backyard PharmacyOver the next couple of weeks, using the medicinal guide that came with the kit I started to make my own tinctures and other natural remedies that I had not even heard about before.

To be honest they are not at all hard to make.

But the best part is not that I now have an alternative in my medicine cabinet. What surprised me the most is that I could safely cut back on my pill use with no ill effects.

The plants were doing their job… and my body responded with more energy and less “foggy-head” days.

My wife is using our new medicinal garden to deal with some nagging joint and hip pain she’s been getting lately.

All in all, I’m very happy with The Medicinal Garden Kit. It’s everything I was looking for and more.

You can check out The Medicinal Garden Kit here.

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