Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTF

There is an ancient burial site in Germany called Bonn-Oberkassel. This site dates back 14,000 years and is home to the oldest joint remains of dog and man. They are by far our longest running animal ally. No creature has worked its way into our lives the way dogs have.

It would only make sense that dogs become a part of our preparedness plans as they are already part of our household. Dogs are family and these days they are living better than ever before! Of course, times they are a changin’.

I believe we are on the cusp of some very precarious times. I don’t see how we make it through the next 6 months without a serious economic collapse and maybe even a war with China. It might be time for our dogs to get back to the work they have done for thousands of years.

It might be time our dogs become hunters, guardians, and herders once again. Let’s look at the absolute best dogs to have around for SHTF.

Initimidation and Protection

Most of these names will not surprise you. They are all big dogs with big power and a knack for protection.

Feeding: these are high energy, large breed dogs that burn up the dog food. While you will have the physical protection and the bowel loosening barks you gotta pay for it. A dog that weighs over 100 lbs can eat up to 6 cups a day of dog food. 1 cup is about 16 oz or 1 lb.

So, now you are putting out lots of food, and in turn, you need to be able to store that food, and more for emergencies. You might even look at this as a serious downside to having a big dog.

Pit bull

Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFI am going to hold back my inherent bias as best as I can. The Pit bull is a great size and incredible demeanor for the family. They are loyal to a fault when it comes to humans. However, they are so strong that if they do decide to engage a threat, there is little they can do about unless they have a firearm or pepper spray.

Pit bulls are insanely strong, and they do not run out of gas. Mostly has to do with them literally being bred to kill each other. Because of their bad rap they also deter most people from trying to buddy up.


Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFLittle dog bears. That is what rottweilers are. They are big, powerful dogs that are all about protection. In fact, they don’t even like you to leave the house! At home these dogs are big, unaware of how big, and loving.

Their main use was to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat to market. Although still used to herd stock in many parts of the world, Rottweilers are now also used as search and rescue dogs, as guard dogs, and as police dogs.

Again, they are a great deterrent animal because of their size and intimidating bark.

German Shepherd

Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFWhether in wars or cop cars, these are the dogs that men bring on duty! There are lots of breeds of dogs out there, but we have decided to bring one breed on duty with us into war zones both foreign and domestic. Now that is interesting.

German Shepherds are working dogs developed originally for herding sheep. Since that time, however, because of their strength, intelligence, trainability and obedience, they are often the preferred breed for protection.

The German Shepherd can be a handful because of their size, but they are incredible dogs with a long history of fighting alongside humans.


Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFWe don’t see a lot of Dobermanns around anymore but there was a time when these dogs would adorn the old spiked collar and be one of the most terrifying dogs out there. They are huge animals as pets and are capable bringing a grown man to the ground if need be.

Dobermanns are known to be intelligent, alert, and tenaciously loyal companions and guard dogs.

Personality varies a great deal between each individual but, if taken care of and properly trained, they are generally considered to be loving and devoted companions.

They can easily be grown in pairs, since they instinctively know which one of them is the leader, and will strategically defend your property.

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Some dogs are simply perfect on the homestead. They have been bred to perform in wide open spaces and as protectors of livestock. They are also great on perimeter security.

Feeding: the herding breeds can vary in size. Just understand that a dog like the Burmese is going to tear through food at 115 lbs! You are talking 6 cups of food each day!

The Border Collie, while the function is the same, will eat about half the food a Burmese Mountain Dog eats.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFThese big old herding dogs can weigh in at 115 lbs at the top end. That’s a lot of dog!

Bernese Mountain Dogs are going to do wonders around your property as they are bred to see threats and keep the sheep or other livestock corralled and safe.

A bread with origins in Switzerland, they do fine outside in the winter and are capable of doing the work of herding all year round in most areas.

Herding is also about watching so these dogs will notice when something doesn’t look right.

Border Collie

Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFThese medium sized black and white herders are great family pets. From an upkeep perspective they are easy to groom.

Considered highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and dog sports.

They are often cited as the most intelligent of all domestic dogs.

If you wear out their energy, they are also capable learning almost anything! A great dog to have by your side.


While these dogs are not the intimidating powerhouses that we think of chained up in junk yards, these dogs are all great at being trained to do all sorts of things around your property.

Feeding: these pups are great, and most are mid-sized so that means you can get away with feeding them less than you would our bigger breeds. Labs can get pretty big but for the most part these are mid-sized breeds.

2 – 4 cups a day, depending on activity, will give these dogs all the nutrition they need.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFA fierce protector of family and a great hunter, the Rhodesian Ridgeback has been bred to impress.

They are medium size dogs with lots of strength. They don’t have a huge requirement for exercise. You would have to let them loose in your backyard, or go daily for a walk, since Rhodesian Ridgebacks have lots of energy.

They are reserved around strangers but not mean dogs. The Ridgeback will run with you for hours if you need someone to gallop with!

Labrador Retrievers

Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFLabrador Retrievers are what they are.

There is nothing more American Hunter than a chocolate lab with a duck in its mouth.

These dogs are special. They are tied into the hunting world. This has a lot to do with intelligence and how easy they are to train.

Labs of all shapes and sizes are great dogs for the family and for survival.


Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFOutstanding eyesight, outstanding ability to be trained, pointers are hunting dogs.

They will be incredible companions if you decide to get some wild food or if you are taking a walk on your property the pointer is going to be ears up and eyes on.

Pointers are intelligent, affectionate, clean and intensely loyal. You can also have them around other dogs or cats, since their aggression level is very low to non-existent.

They tend to have extremely high energy levels, so make sure you go out for a walk each day.

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Watch Dogs

They aren’t gonna take a bite out of anyone and scare them off. However, these little yippers are a true blood and bone alarm system if they suspect something is going on outside their home. That could be the time you need to put your own home defense protocols in place.

Feeding: these are by far the most efficient perimeter alarms that you are going to get your hands on. Animals of this size are only going to eat less than a cup of food per day! That means dog food storage is pretty easy.


Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFChihuahuas are pretty hilarious when they get angry, but they are also highly effective yippers.

They are utterly relentless, also. This is a great attribute. You will find that your Chihuahua will let you know what is going on outside and will let you know for a long time. Even if you live in a house with a backyard, or in an apartment, Chihuahuas adapt to any kind of environment and you can rely on them being your “alarm”.

A little boom box, the Chihuahua.

Jack Russell Terrier

Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTFBred to kill rats, these little terriers are, well, terriers. There is no stopping a terrier. They just go and go until they drop. However, most things going along with them drop first. I have seen Jack Russel’s eat the walls of a home out of frustration and boredom.

This should let you know that you need to give these dogs an outlet of some kind. However, if you redirect their energy to the good then they will be powerful allies.

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The man’s best friend thing is not an accidental turn of phrase. These dogs have been running in our pack for thousands of years. They understand us and we understand them. They know when you are on edge and vice versa.

Can you think of anything better in a crisis?

Of course, your dog will have to be a functional part of your preparedness plan. Dogs cannot be a hindrance. You need to have room for them, food for them and all the rest. You need these things where you are and at your bugout location

All that said, if you have the right beast to guard the property, it will make all the difference.

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