Building a Vehicle Survival Kit – Reader Input Needed

vehicle survival kit helpvehicle survival kit help
Pickup truck with rooftop tent.

I know, I know, not another “kit” post. The subject has been covered many times by many sites. SHTFblog is no exception. We’ve written:

I want to do something different this time, however.

by Derrick James, SHTFblog founder and blogger at Prepper Press

The Idea: Build the Ultimate Vehicle Survival Kit

“Kit” in this instance could be seen as a bug out bag kit for your vehicle, a get home bag for your vehicle, or a general, all-inclusive vehicle “survival” kit. The common denominator here is vehicle.

While the idea is simple, the construction of it is not so simple. I’m not talking about buying the gear, I’m talking about what gear should go into it. That has the potential to be an endless debate, I know.

Reader Input Needed

I have my own items that I carry in my vehicle, so I could go off and write my own post on what I think is needed, but the reality is that two minds are better than one. Even better – a whole bunch of minds!

I have always learned as much from our readers as I hope readers have learned from us. Thus, I’m seeking your help.

I want your suggestions on what should go into an all-inclusive vehicle survival kit. I’m looking for specific item suggestions, as in not “something to make fire with” but more “X, Y, and Z lighters” (as an example). The information provided will be compiled into a future post that I hope will help readers looking to make their own vehicle kits.

The kit suggestions will be broken down into the following categories:

  • Communication
  • Navigation
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Food and Water
  • Medical
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Shelter/Clothing
  • Tools/Weapons
  • Miscellaneous Items

So, it would be highly appreciated if you could add your suggestions and/or general thoughts to the comments on this post (scroll down for comments section). Then, stay tuned for the resulting post!

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