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The coronavirus pandemic is no laughing matter. Many people have been negatively impacted. Some have become sick, some have lost their jobs, and some have lost their lives. So while the coronavirus itself isn’t necessarily funny, people are funny; and where you have funny people you have funny pictures. When you have a pandemic and funny people, you have funny coronavirus pictures.

We could all use a good laugh, particularly during difficult times. I’m here to help! I’ve assembled some of the internet’s best funny coronavirus pictures. This is COVID-19 ridiculousness to the max!

The Best Funny Coronavirus Pictures

Got Pandemic? Get Trashy.

When you don’t have the personal protective equipment that an intensive care unit might have, you have to improvise! These people improvised with trash bags.

umbrella trash bag
The umbrella makes for a sweet “roof” from which to hold your trashy walls.
funny coronavirus picture shopping
Trash bag or creative use of a plastic sheet?
funny pink trash bag shopper
Don’t just cover yourself in pink plastic – cover the entire cart.
plastic flying
Ummm… I don’t even know where to go with this pic, but those gloves are rich.
big blue covid-19
Is there a person in there, or is it just a big blue blob of… something?
trash over head
When a plastic bag on your head isn’t enough, use them as gloves.
funny family travel
Have trash bags will travel!
funny covid-19 suit
I love this… woman? Imagine the time it took to get suited up this way, but – safety first!

Plague Doctor Masks

Doctors wore the “beak mask” during the Black Death, because they thought the disease was spread by bad air (from rotting organic matter). To stay safe from this bad air, they wore these masks and filled the noses with sweet smells – flowers and herbs. That theory is ages old, but the mask is not!

bird mask pandemic
“Blackbird singing in the dead of night….”
coronavirus bird mask
Oh now this is just perfect. Corona. Coronavirus. Bird mask.

Fruit Face Masks

This set of pictures is downright fruity! It’s my hope that they were trying to be funny with their fresh fruit faces, but…

orange mouth
I’m sure it smells good, but does it work?
lemon nose
I’m sure this would work if it actually fit – I’m sure of it!
grapefruit face
Now this one fits much better. A grapefruit?
orange fruit face mask
Okay, the fact that this guy is wearing his fruit face out in public makes me think it’s not a joke.

Maxi Pad Masks

You knew it was coming – the maxi pad mouth. Except… these are designed to TRAP moisture. They’re not for masks. But I guess if they’ll stop…

maxi pad mouth mask filter
This woman is using hers like a hidden filter. “Shhhh – look extra protection.”
maxi pad man
Have maxi pad – just don’t care.
maxi pad face mask shopping
Did they pay for those masks before putting them on their faces?

Funny Coronavirus Pictures – Pets

You can’t protect your family without protecting your pets! Are they muzzles? Nope – they’re K9 masks.

Awww – so cunnin’.
At least they picked up the poop, but… did they cut a hole for the dog butt?

Stylish Coronavirus Pictures

Going out into public fully protected from the “crona” doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Embrace the personal protective fashion.

high heels and plastic
All suited up for the flight. White suit and black high heels – classic fashion.
latex corona virus suit
Well then…
olive drab tarp
Got gas mask? Got tarp? Got olive drab tarp? Winning.
fancy goggle eye protection
Are those goggles from the Burning Man playa? Fancy!
This guy is killin’ it, just killin’ it.

Coronavirus Jugheads

Jughead was one of my favorite characters from the old Archie series. You can be a jughead, too. Take a jug, cut a hole, put it on your head – jughead!

water jug filter
Take a jug and add a filter. It looks humid, though – is it working?
shopping jughead
The person in the front looks like a Dr. Who robot. The other person needs that face shield DOWN.
“Stay close, dear. They’re not wearing jugs on their head.”
green jughead
Why see clear when you can see green?
jug mask with filters
This one even has filters – replaceable homemade filters!
family jugheads
“Time for our trip? Everyone have their jugs and trash bags?”

Random Funny Coronavirus Pictures

Some pictures can’t be categorized more narrow than just funny coronavirus pictures. These ones are random – and so good.

bra face
“Finally,” this guy says. “I don’t have to hide my fetish.”
smell fart coronavirus
This is quite the warning sign, with his tinfoil hat and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
kids gas masks
“I can’t believe they haven’t canceled school yet.”
snorkel mask
I just love the homemade filter (?) stuck on the top of his snorkel.
safe distance
I guess this will keep people from getting too close… on a crowded subway.
tinder bubble date
“I’d love to give you these flowers, but they’re trapped inside with me.”
filthy mouth
Either this woman was desperate for a mask or she has a really dirty mouth.
coronavirus mask poker
High stakes poker!

There you have it! The internet’s best, most funny coronavirus pictures from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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