If Your Drinking Water Comes From A Lake – What You Should Do


Lake Water

What if your water supply comes from a lake? There are lots of homes and cabins on lakes. Many of them may source their water from these lakes.

Recently a friend of ours visited who is in the process of moving to a small house on a lake. She made mention of the fact that the water there is directly soured from the lake. Evidently the lake itself is also the water source for the surrounding region. However she is still concerned because the water for the house is sourced directly. Rather than through the municipal system which treats its water first.

She asked for recommendations. I do not know any detail about an existing filtration system which may already be installed for lake water there. I would be surprised if there wasn’t “something” in place. For instance my water source comes from a natural spring. I have an inline filter which catches sediment and also filters down to 1 micron. Her place may have something similar because it’s relatively inexpensive to install an inline filter after the pump or pressure tank.

What About The Berkey Water Filter?

But even with that type of system installed, I still filter ALL of my drinking water through a Berkey. She has visited us many times (and used the Berkey while here), so she asked about it.

I did tell here that it is relatively expensive. HOWEVER I also told her that the cost per gallon of Berkey filtered water is dirt cheap after factoring the expected life of a set of filters. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 cents a gallon. Which goes down to about 2 cents a gallon on the second set of filters!

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Filter All Water That You Will Consume – Even Lake Water

Once you get used to the daily routine of filling the Berkey, it is such a convenience. Particularly knowing the quality of water that you’re getting! We use it for our morning coffee, making ice cubes, filling some water containers that we keep in the refrigerator for cold drinking water, any water for a given recipe, etc..

One thing I highly recommend is the see-through spigot glass. VERY helpful to know how much water remains in the bottom reservoir. You get used to how much to add into the top reservoir based on the sight glass level. We use a particular Tupperware pitcher that Mrs.J has, and we just know how many to add… You get used to it pretty quick. Just don’t over fill or you’ll end up with some water seeping out!

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I have no idea if she will end up purchasing a Berkey. But one great thing I like about it is that you can take it with you if you move. It will last a very long time. It’s one of those things that’s worth the up-front cost in my opinion.

Anyway, so my recommendation if your water source comes from “the lake” (or wherever!), is to buy a Berkey water filter system. It’s about the best you can do for yourself.

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