The Convenience Factor of Preparedness, Prepping, and your Preps

I really enjoy the convenience factor of preparedness. What am I talking about? Well, all of the “preps”. The “stuff”. Having them.

It’s not Rocket Science. However a really good physical inventory sure is nice. Take for example, one’s storage of extra food for preparedness. Food storage is like having your own mini grocery store. Except it’s right at home!

Though I’ve recognized the convenience of it for quite awhile, it struck me again recently…

“Hey Ken, Hows that?”

Well, let me tell ya… Typically Mrs.J is the one who deals with the specifics of our “mini grocery store”. She knows what we have, where everything is. Presently she is recovering from a broken ankle. So I am having to do a lot of extra things around here, including trips to our mini-mart and “finding” this or that.

Again, normally Mrs.J makes the trips into our mini-grocery store areas here at the homestead. Now that I’ve taken over for awhile, I sure appreciate the convenience factor of re-supplying our kitchen with whatever may be running low. Or choosing “this” or “that” for dinner. Lots of choices! Sure is convenient!

Remember a long time ago way before the days of serious preparedness – when you basically didn’t have more of “one” of anything? (or “none” of many things??) If you ran out (or just before you ran out) it required a trip to the store. What a pain.

But when you have more than one (or many) of your regular consumables, it’s great! Convenient!

This is true of just about anything, not just food. A supply of extra of “whatever” you may be using in the future – especially if it’s important.

I know, it’s not Rocket Science. It’s pretty logical. Practical.

I just wanted to emphasize one of the tremendous values of prepping and preparedness. The convenience factor!

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