To ALL MSB Regulars

Rather than wait a bit longer, I’m going to tell you now because the time to do this is now… This is your notice about another website that I’ve put together, though it will be under construction and refinement for awhile.

Why did I build this new site? Because I intend to pull Modern Survival Blog back to strictly preparedness without the politics.

I need to protect MSB from present and future commie / Big Tech takedowns and today’s sweeping Cancel Culture of conservatives/patriots (The Purge).

Sad, but very true. Now more than ever they are coming after all of us with conservative/patriotic points of view. Many big platforms have already been taken down. Thousands of others are being taken down due to various pressures from their hosting providers, financial methods for payments, you name it… So I must adapt and overcome.

Therefore I will be focusing ALL subject matter related to present (and future) attacks on our Liberty & Freedoms over on the other site. It is hosted outside the United States in a place that ‘should’ be better protected from intimidating Cancel Culture here in the U.S.

I would like you to start heading over there as part of your daily browsing (if you’re interested).

2 Open Forum’s

I request that you use the Open Forum on for ALL political oriented discussions.

Use the Open Forum on MSB for preparedness and other off-topic conversation as you have been.

I’ve set up the Open Forum and Recent Comments over on the other site to be similar to what you have here on MSB. It should all be pretty familiar.

Support My Efforts

I will be posting regular articles over there and will also continue to post regular articles over here. Yes, it’s more work. More time. More money.

If you would like to help support me financially for this, I will graciously accept your contributions for my efforts.

>> Donation link
(not tax deductible)

Okay, I’ll see you over there… and back here… and back over there… 🙂

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